Tuesday, May 24, 2016

EOC/Sigma Xi Spring Showcase

Local teachers participating in the guppy kits

The Education and Outreach Center, who we have been collaborating with on the guppy kits, sponsored a spring open house to give local educators an opportunity to learn about their STEM kits. This was the perfect opportunity to showcase the guppy kits! We had about 30 participants, including middle and high school students, local teachers, and Dale's mom. Here are some highlights from the event:

Dale Broder and Lisa Angeloni prepping guppies

Pre-fished guppies
Opening the kits!
My pup came along because his class was right after

Examining guppies

Using the stencils

Science notebook

Getting started

Courtney with some students

Scoring color

Coloring guppies

Coloring guppies

Solving punnett squares

Testing anti-predator behavior in pet store guppies

Watching pet store guppies

Watching predator videos

Dale wrapping it up

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