Friday, March 25, 2016

Our first STEM friday using the guppy kits

Ready or not (we were definitely ready), today was the day! We had our first run with 24 real, live students from Ms. Jordan's 7th grade class at Wellington Middle School. STEM fridays are an event hosted by the Education and Outreach Center (more info here) where local teachers are invited to bring up to 30 students to CSU to participate in their chosen kit activity. It's a chance for students to come to CSU and see what it's like, as well as an opportunity to learn something in the process. I must say, as my first time doing one of these events, and our first time doing it with the guppy kits, it went fantastically! As we expected, there are some changes to be made, but the students were happy, excited, and involved, which is what we were hoping for.

Here are some highlights:

All 15 kits ready to go!
Dale ready to scoop up fish
Andrew checking the intro video on the projector
...and they're here! Andrew welcoming everyone
Watching the intro video
And they're off!
Acquiring guppies
Examining differences between guppies
Comparing colors to a color chart
Making a histogram of brightness scores for each population
Red is low-predation, blue is high-predation
The final figure
Making punnet squares
Rolling the 4-sided die to see which
offspring are chosen for the
next generation
Using a predator silhouette to predict predator
avoidance strategies of each population
Watching predator-prey encounter videos
Discussing predation
A tally of which guppies were captured
Discussing which fish is from which population
Clean-up time
Final thoughts in science notebooks
Representative evaluations

Now we are one step closer to being able to share our kit design with everyone!

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  1. Love this! Please send me the kit info once it is complete. I would love to show it to my teachers.