Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New papers out from members of the lab

Congratulations to my labmates Kathleen Foster and Ola Birn-Jeffery for their recent papers!

Jamacian giant anole, Anolis garmani

Kathleen's work is on muscle function across different types of climbing behaviors in green anoles.  Surprisingly, she found that muscles aren't always performing the way we might expect by watching the animals' movements.  Her paper was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B (the same journal that has also published work by Newton and Darwin!) and can be found here.   Her work was also featured in this news article.  Now she will be working on looking at some of these differences in several species and ecomorphs of anoles.

Bibron's gecko, Pachydactylus bibroni

Ola (aka Aleksandra) was invited to give a symposium talk at SICB 2014 Austin, TX.  Symposium speakers are then invited to submit their review papers to Integrative and Comparative Biology, the journal published by SICB.  Ola summarized the literature on animals moving on inclines and declines, and found that animals move more slowly on inclines compared to level substrates, and that movement on declines depends on the size of the animal.  She also discussed how integrative locomotion is and suggested a lot of new areas of research!  She is currently working on examining some of these ideas in bibron's geckos. Her paper can be found here.

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