Saturday, March 1, 2014

I was awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship!

A Trinidadian guppy from a high predation population feeding
on brine shrimp nauplii (large black dot in front of the guppy).  This
is a still image taken from high-speed video.

I will be joining Cameron Ghalambor’s lab at Colorado State University in September.  I will use Trinidadian guppies as a model for understanding how complex phenotypes evolve.  Specifically, I will be looking at integration between feeding and locomotion in guppies and will determine the evolutionary consequences of integration on survival along the stream gradients, where selection favors feeding at the top of the streams and escape behavior at the bottom of the streams.  I will also be working with local 4th and 7th grade teachers to expand a program that uses guppies to teach about evolution and natural selection.  

Thanks also to Roi Holzman for offering me a position in his lab in Israel!  I look forward to working more with Roi in the future!

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